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    COVID-19 and the Birmingham Real Estate Market

    Hear the latest on the Birmingham, Alabama Real Estate Market! Gusty Gulas, CEO, of the Gusty Gulas Group, sits down with JT, from Birmingham’s WERC, to discuss the latest news on Birmingham’s Real Estate Market. Gulas says that the Gusty Gulas Group is adapting very well to the new changes occurring to the market during the COVID-19 crisis. Gulas states they’re still seeing sellers and buyers exploring the market during the pandemic. Gulas believes the market will begin to slingshot once things start to become normal again.

    However, with quarantine and stay at home orders still in place, Gulas sees the market changing to more tech-friendly approaches; the Gusty Gulas Group is more than accustomed to technological changes and advances in the industry. Gulas was one of the first individuals to bring a paperless-real estate brokerage to the market in Birmingham, Alabama. Gulas recently merged his brokerage, Brik Realty, in 2019, with eXp Realty, one of the fastest-growing national real estate firms in the country, offering some of the most powerful online marketing tools and virtual technology to its agents and clients.

    The Gusty Gulas Group has adapted accordingly to suit the needs of the market. The G3 team understands that providing more marketing tools and techniques to their buyers and sellers is essential, so they have modified their listing and buying experience accordingly. The team provides a 3D virtual tour, using a Matterport, which creates a 3D virtual space of the home, as well as providing video tours, and FaceTime calls to their clients who are interested in more than just listing a photograph and description online.

    It’s true-they work hard, so you don’t have to, but the real values stem from their sincere care and commitment to the process itself. From start to finish, the Gusty Gulas Group keeps you informed and stays engaged-whether it means being on call, creating cutting-edge marketing materials, or rounding out the closing process, their team is with you every step of the way. G3 truly wants you to understand what’s going on, and that is what sets them apart from their competition.

    If you want to learn more about the current state of the market or are interested in buying and selling during COVID-19 but not sure what your next move should be, click here to send us a message!


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