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    Selling and Buying During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Be like Jack.

    Seriously – pandemic or not – it’s important that you use a real estate agent who can represent you in any type of climate. Our team has been positioned for some time to be nimble in a time like this. With a fully cloud-based brokerage to virtual visualization tools like Matterport, we’ve been able to quickly pivot to an almost entirely digital real estate landscape. We are serving our clients more now than ever!

    If there’s anything we can do for you – now or later – let us know.

    The Birmingham Association of Realtors has seen a 30% drop in residential showings in Central Alabama due to the COVID-19 crisis. But that crisis has caused many realtors to get creative when showing or selling a home. Forrest and Brittney Boyd are buying a house in Irondale, Alabama, even though they haven’t actually walked inside. It’s their first home. Their realtor, Tara Respinto, with the Gusty Gulas Group at eXp Realty used Facetime to give them a tour in this new age of social distancing.

    “As millennials, we buy a lot of things online. It really comes down to trust. I mean, she’s right there zooming in on the cracks on the floor and walls,” said Brittney Boyd. “My whole point of using Facetime is just to make sure they do get to see every single detail of the house. And not just like a quick video,” said Tara Respinto with the Gusty Gulas Group.

    Social distancing measures have sparked more virtual open houses. An increase in virtual tours, and even virtual www. See all that furniture? It’s not really there. That’s because the seller and stager didn’t want to bring real furniture into the house since the COVID-19 virus can spread so easily.

    Selling homes during a pandemic is, well, very different. “Obstacles are opportunities. So, you just learn from it. I’m not one to dwell on what’s happening or what’s wrong. Let’s focus on solutions. And just make the best of it,” said Gusty Gulas, CEO of the Gusty Gulas Group.

    Gulas says digital tools will never replace face-to-face selling in the real estate business. But he says we’ll see more agents, buyers, and sellers using them once the COVID-19 crisis comes to an end.